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The current developments that we are witnessing today in the world of communications and technology affected the behavior of human being, thereby increasing his need for quick access to information, and to implement various operations required by the parties that deal with methods and techniques that are easier and faster. In addition, the desire of the governmental and private entities to benefit from this progress to ease the burden of the beneficiaries and employees by dealing with conventional methods, so the electronic transactions became a matter of urgency and getting importantly increasing day by day. This prompted the service developing parties to make exerted efforts to shift to the electronic transactions through establishing portals on the Internet.                                                                                


What is a Portal?

A portal is a consolidated input to gain access to all services, information and works provided by a side through the World Wide Web (Internet), where the beneficiary or the visitor can get access to general detailed information about the service provider, and through which the implementation of the electronic transactions provided can be done via the portal quickly and efficiently. The aim of such portals is to provide the necessary information to the beneficiary, raises the level of labor productivity, increases efficiency, and achieves quickly, in addition to increasing the  financially or morally revenues of the side.                                                             



Elements of the Web Portal


The element of the web portal varies according to the side's variation and the services provided through the portal. The elements of the portals of the educational institutions are different from the elements of the portals of the financial institutions, and one can say that the most important elements available in the portals are:


• Information: it is detailed information about the party and its following sectors.
• News: display the news of the party and the one that is related to it.
• Ads:  display ads about what the party wants to reach to its customers and visitors, such as selling products ads or employment and so on.
• Operations: implementing  administrative and technical operations either related to the systems used by the side, such as the financial  or the administrative system, or request a particular service,  following up the request, and make  any amendments  when is needed.
• Services:  they are the services that can be provided by the party to its customers which vary according to destination.


Our Services:                                                                                                                               

Our services include a variety of integrated solutions starting with the development of the simple content management systems and ending up with the analysis, designing and developing specialized portals, including:                                                                                                         

• Analyze the needs of the beneficiary: through an analytical study of the needs of the beneficiary and its requirements, and a deep understanding of the nature of its work, thus creating the most appropriate solutions to meet these needs and requirements.                                                                                                                 

• Designing  the portal: form an integrated portal management system to achieve the objectives of the side by adopting more portals systems suited to the needs of the beneficiary, and do what is necessary when is needed to develop these systems to maximize the use of means and tools of knowledge management,  the active participation by using the techniques of the second generation of the web, and all that through attractive designation and  consistent colors fit with the services of the side and its identity.                                                                    


•  Portal management : professional portal  management  through which we can work  on a comprehensive portal content and  its integration to communicate with all sectors of the party, and to achieve the portal's effectiveness and interaction to reach the highest rates of customer and users satisfaction . The team also operates maintenance operations for the portal, tackles its technical problems that may arise at work, takes backup copies of its contents, and retrieves them in case of loss for any technical reason. Besides, a technical support service which offers service 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.                                                                                     



• Portal hosting: we have special services to book local and global ranges of the beneficiaries of our services, and the servers hosting with high storage capabilities, and a strong connection capacity to the Internet commensurate with the actual requirement of the portal, and according to the highest standards of quality and safety.                                                                               



The portals team, at the Institute, is pleased to communicate with you and provide you with more details and previous experiences.